در فرانسه

I am a 25 single girl who was planning to travel to France with my family but my request was rejected. The purpose of our trip was as a tourist as it was mentioned in our application. My father,mother and my sister got their visa and traveled to France and I stayed at home all alone for a week.
The reason for refusing my request in a letter that was given to me was the lack of proof of my return from the scope if Schengen to my country!! This is while my student certificate from the university along with the rest of my documents was in my case.
Now here is my question: being a university student in my country is not a compelling reason for my return??! Is my age or marital status a logical and legal reason to refuse my visa application? and prevent my companionship with my family on a trip?!
What they have set as the basis for refusing my visa application is a obvious discrimination and injustice.

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