Lorenzo Ciccone

 در ایتالیا

I’ve been trying for months to get a reservation to invite an Iranian citizen to Italy, and learnt slowly how the embassy site works and how these despicable people blackmail citizens and entrepreneurs with this despicable system. First of all, the site is only accessible from the iranian internet, which would be fair, except for the fact that every iranian citizen uses VPN to connect to the rest of the word, making difficult to get into the site in the first place. We managed to get into with a proxy, a slow, precarious proxy often blocked by the site security system. Everytime a set of dates is released, the system goes offline immediately after that, coming back online after a while with a full set of appointments already reserved, for the entire period. This can be managed by a botnet run by external people, but most likely by embassy interns. And this happens everytime. It’s a shame, as italian citizen, as honest person, to see such a situation going on and nobody is able to stop this. I really hope this movement arrives where it must arrive, and to be effective.

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