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I live in Canada with my husband and he can not visit Iran because he didn’t serve the army. I have two young sisters living in Iran and as you all may know since getting tourist visa to most countries for young Iranian citizens is extremely difficult, we decided to meet in a visa free country for Iranians like Ecuador and since there are no direct flights we had no choice other than getting a connecting flight and we end up choosing Netherlands.
Nightmare begun! Getting an appointment just to apply for airport transit visa took us about 5 months and finally after I wrote them about those agencies that ask you for money to get you just “an appointment” they booked us an appointment for September 17, 2017.
A week later they sent me an email letting me know that in addition to 60 Euro visa fee they are going to charge another 28 Euro for some services with no other explanation.
We purchased them their thickets from KLM and in their form, we mentioned that they just need to be in Amsterdam airport for 3 hours and 35 minutes in their way to Quito on October 17th, 2017 and 4 hours and 5 minutes on their way back to Tehran on January 10th, 2018.
We even mentioned that Ecuador is a free visa country for Iranian passport holder so they don’t have and they don’t need any visa for destination country.
On the day of their appointment one of the employers in the Netherlands embassy told them everything is fine and they will give them the airport transit visa.
After waiting for two more weeks their application had been rejected and on the paper they have received stated ‘The purpose and circumstances of the intended stay have not been sufficiently demonstrated” and “Your claim that you intend to pass through the Netherlands in transit has not been substantiated, as you do not possess the necessary visa or valid residence permit for your stated country of destination.”
we have no idea how else to demonstrate the purpose and intent of a few hours of layover in the airport other than presenting their flight tickets which was presented as part of the documents presented at the time of their appointment. And since Ecuador doesn’t require a visa for Iranians we could not show a visa either.
They didn’t give back the visa fees and they didn’t reply back our questions and that was the end of our plan to visit each other in a country which they don’t ask for visa!
Kudos to our dear Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that we have no right to travel.

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