Fardad Pouran

 در فرانسه

I have been admitted in a master1 program in Mathematics in France, however the too long procedures of Campus France and the excessive documents they want have made the first part of Visa process long. After this irritating long process, it was the time to make an appointment with VFS. After submitting the documents in VFS, now, it has passed over 30 days and my friends and I are still waiting for educational Visa while our courses has been started about two weeks ago. Unfortunately, the embassy responsibles are not responsible to students, their becoming late, and the possibility of the cancellation of their admission! Meanwhile, it seems tourist visas are being issued soon without anxiety, while all the students are suffering huge stress and worry.
Finally, I should add that right after the time I received my Admission Letter from the university (mid-Jun), I started the first steps to obtain Visa, and so far, I have never procrastinated any steps, although the whole Visa process has taken a long time up to this date (Sep 26th).

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