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Well…my major was Architecture when I went to get my visa in Dubai. Officer asked me bunch of questions. There was no problem in my application as I had my admission for master’s degree and I had enough money in my account to afford the living expenses and tuition. she asked me how can I be sure that you would come back after you receive your degree? I said I would come back cause there is nothing for me to stay in United States. However, what ‘s the problem to stay in
US while I am spending my money in their country? Or when I work and provide some services to their country, why they do not like us to stay in their country. Anyways… She said I don’t like to process the visa for you , however I will as I can not see any problems in your case! I wish she could see me now! how successful I am in her country and also I wish she could see I do not need anyone’ support. I am an independent woman in US and m working . Well done to what I have done !

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  • robert

    well done dear and good luke

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