در بلژیک

in 2009
i applied for a university in Belgium to continue my studying in master. as soon as i have received the invitation i have try to get an appointment by Belgium embassy in Fereshteh street. the first application was rejected duo to lack of financial requirements, and as i didn’t have enough time to wait for a second appointment, the only way was to stay for hours before working time of embassy in a very long queue, i can remember there was a family who coming from other city (Shiraz) and they spend 2 nights there on their blanket in the queue!! unbelievable.
someone from the queue writes our names on paper with numbers i can even remember i was number 154 on first day.
but hopefully we can fine someone to keep our position and give our number to them so that we can go home at 2 and come back at 6 after 2 days finally we can go inside!! !!

Im not sure if those kind of waiting queue still existed in front of Belgium embassy but i would like to share my story with you.


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