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I am a single and female physician and for about one year ago I was invited to the 3 days medical seminar in Italy. I have received my invitation card 4 month earlier, so I decided to make a visa appointment soon but unbelievably when I refer to the Italy embassy’s website all of the appointment times were full till next year! So, I had to contact with some travel agencies in tehran which told me if I need visa appointment I must register in their tour travel. But, in fact this issue was impossible for me because I wanted to travel to Austria and Germany for visiting my friends after my seminar,and it was an extera and idle cost for me.Therefore, I had to search in internet and I could find some chapmen with different charges! Finally, I had to rely one of them and he made an appointment for me immediately! He told me the Italy embassy sells the visa appointments to the travel agencies and chapmen! I’m not sure if this issue is right… but this process was costed more than 1 million toman for me and when I went to the embassy all of the people who had visa appointments told me they costed at least 1 million for the visa appointment process. Although, I could get visa for one week but because of all these inconveniences I will never try to get Schengen visa again!

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