در ایالات متحده آمریکا

I spent three years and about 30 thousands dollars to apply for a university in the US. I was and still am too interested in my major to continue to higher degree. It was too important to study in a country where the first language was English. All my documents were ready and all my marks were A. It was my dream to get my phd.unfortunately the officer in Irevan was too angry and impolite. He was looking at me as I was a criminal. I was too afraid, excited and embarrassed so that I forgot my thesis title. I was the best student at my university and worked on my thesis enthusiastically. I’m sorry for the US that losing me as a student. Sorry for the officer that rejected me just on the basis of his own imagination. I was not supposed to stay in the US forever as my husband couldn’t stay with me all the time. Because my husband has a very good job in our country with a very high salary or better to say income. It was my right to study where I desired.

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