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من این متن رو برای خود سفارت هم فرستادم. جوابی هم که گرفتم توضیحی بود مبنی بر اینکه دیگه نیازی نیست به سفارت مراجعه بشه و بلکه از طریق یک شرکت ثالث کارهای گرفتن ویزا انجام می شه. که البته جواب مناسبی نیست چرا که تجربه نشون داده وجود این شرکت ثالث هیچ بهبودی رو در رسیدگی به امور متقاضیان ایجاد نکرده. بلکه دلیل وجود این شرکت تنها این بوده که کار سفارت کمتر بشود و عملا سفارت بتواند مسوولیت عملکرد خود را به عهده ی شرکت سومی بگذارد.

متن نامه به سفارت نروژ و وزارت امور خارجه ی نروژ به شرح زیر بوده است:

Dear sir/madam

I would like to give you feedback on a couple of experiences my parents had in the Norwegian embassy in Tehran.
My parents are 58 and 63 years old and have been to Norwegian embassy in Tehran to apply for a turist visa to visit me (their daughter) here in Norway.
Unfortunately the service they have recieved have been close to shocking as the officer has been very rude to them because their documentation was not fully correct at the time of application.
I am shocked to hear that one of the employees of the Norwegian embassy have been talking and acting so rude to two senior citizens of another country that are only willing to visit their child after at least one year.

Please consider that I have lived in Norway close to 4 years now and personally have never ever experienced anything like that. I have always been treated respectfully and with most understanding of any public administaration office (including UDI and Police) that I needed to visit during my life here, so you probably see why this was unbelievable for me.

My understanding is that the service should be given with respect even if there can be missing documentation or any other deficiency from the applicant side.
My parents had the time booked with embassy in Tehran today at 11:30 and 11:45 (24th of April).

2 years ago the officer (another officer) has been very rude towards my mother because she had 70 EUR in cash and needed 10 EUR to be given back to her. The officer has requested for exactly 60 EUR and not in coins. Regardless of the rules, his behaviour has been unaccpetable while he has been saying something like: “this is not an ordinary shop where you expect you get change back!”

This is very hurtful for me as I know my parents are getting old and dealing wiht all the beaurocracy is not exacly easy for them. The only thing I would expect from officers would be respect and politeness.

P.S: The officer has been speaking fluently Persian and looked Iranian originally but claimed that he was a Norwegian and mentioned that “we always have such problems with Iranians because they do not understand well enough”. It hurts my heart even writing such sentences down. It was very important for me to share this wiht authorities especially since this is the second time it happensas and I know by living long enough in Norway that Norwegian values and standars would not allow such things to happen.

Thank you very much for you support and understanding.

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