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I’ve applied for a visa on 5th July 2017 to attend a course. According to what I was told by the staff of the embassy at that time, I had submitted everything successfully. I even bought my tickets, not booked them, and submit the receipt to the embassy
After 50 days, there was no news from my visa application being even processed, I started emailing and calling both Immigration Office of Belgium and the Embassy. The only answer that they gave to me was that it was not their problem, nor their concern that, even after 50 days!!!, the visa application has not been processed. No one even gave me a solution or even an email or phone number through which I can solve the issue. I’ve spent more than 1000 euros for the course, my flight and the place where I intended to stay, yet still, nobody even bothered to look at a single paper of application. This is actually funny and I consider it a very poor performance, that to date my visa application status is still “En traitement”, even though, I must have returned to Iran by now!!! They deprived me of a good point that I could put into my CV so maybe someday I could be accepted to a better university for my LLM.

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