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I went to the Dutch consulate in Tehran to collect my Visa. The visa was already issued by the immigration office in the Netherlands, so there was not much to be done but to hand in my documents.

My story is about the behaviour of the officer issuing my visa. I have already sent a complaint letter to the Dutch consulate in Tehran. So I copy paste my email right here….

Me to Dutch consulate in Tehran:

Dear Sir / Madam

I am a prospective PhD student at Delft University of Technology. On December 10th 2014, I had a VISA appointment for Mvv VISA at Kingdom of The Netherlands consulate in Tehran. That I was at the receiving end of a very poor behaviour of your employee at the counter.

On Wednesday, I had brought with me all the documents which were mentioned on the consulate website and that of the university asked me to take with me. She (your employee), very impolitely, asked me and my wife to bring copy of Persian manuscript of our marriage certificate. The time being at the very end of office working hour and no photocopy shops being around (the guy in the car ran out of blank papers), I asked her to mark my application as “insufficient documents” and give me another appointment in the week to come to bring the copies. This was the point that, much to my surprise, she started yelling at me and my wife!

I kept quiet until the yelling was over and told her that “I have not came here to fight you ma’am” and asked her again to give me another appointment to fulfil my documents. In spite of me repeatedly asking for another appointment, she made me “run” more than 800 km to find a photocopy shop and bring copies of a document in Persian that it’s certified translation has already been legalised by the consulate!

Talking with other people sitting in the line, I realised that many of them were also been mistreated by your the staff. I hope you realise that this misbehaviour of your employees reflects poorly on people’s mentality on Dutch people, which to be honest they came extremely friendly to me during my two years of study at Delft.

I am picking up our VISAs on coming Sunday at 14:30 and It might be a fantasy to expect a personal apology! But I hope you take this sincere email of complaint seriously and put a halt on this misbehaviour.

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