Sam Samiee

 در هلند

I am painter, I suffered a good load to establish myself as a painter, eventually I won the most prestigeous prize in painting in the Netherlands, the Royal Painting Prize, I could have a few guests, I had to choose and I chose my only sister to be next to me, after many years of hard working in the Netherlands, giving my labour to that country, working hard and adding much to its culture, the royal palace sent an invitation to her, although all her documents were more than enough, she got rejected and I was deprived to have my dearest relative on earth to be next to me for this most significant moment that was supposed to acknowledge my hard work and appreciate the support my sister had given me over all these years to me. I was ashamed, I stopped believing in the humanistic claims the Netherlands makes in celebrating love and prosperity for all humans, although I have had amazing friends working at the embassy, even they were ashamed of their colleagues decision making.

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