در سوئد

This is the story of many many guys in our country dealing with forced military service system, which ruins their lives, their opportunities , and causes to many of them to try unimaginable things just to make it less, resulting psychological damages to the boys, and their families. In the summer of 2014, my brother and I decided that one of us goes to Sweden to meet our uncle and his family who we hadn’t seen for nearly a decade. it turned out to be him to, we set the necessary arrangements and gathered the essential documents for the embassy, including an evidence that showed we are financially independent. afterwards, we headed for the embassy in order to make preparations to make an appointment, forced to wait out of the embassy for several hours along with other people, under the burning sun, without any comforting equipment, not even a bottle of water! make the story short, finally he went into the consulate and afforded the document and they said they would let us know if our request was accepted.
after waiting about a month only to hear a simple yes or no, we went for the embassy again, where we dealt with the same situation, again , waiting for several hours , he was called in and after a few minutes, he came out with a sad face saying he was rejected! now, dear readers, here’s the question, why should a boy with military situation, suffer a life of uncertainty? not allowed to go outside, just to meet his family, he must remain here, this living hell, called country, to waste his precious life and rot , just to avoid a two-year servitude? why would a foreign country, reject a simple request of a lone boy, only wishing to meet his family? and even when he’s got no financial problem, therefore there’s no threat from him, why should he be rejected?

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