Mahzad Elyassi

 در انگلستان

I am sharing my experience of applying for a visa from the British embassy in Tehran which they claim it has been reopened since last year after 5 years of closure. My sister, a British citizen who lives in England, was unwell in a hospital in London 3 months ago. I had to apply urgently to be by her side but my visa application got refused by the UK consulate for several irrational reasons without considering human rights in our case. This is while the appointment page of their website practically doesn’t work except for some travel agencies which are charging people a huge amount of money for just booking appointments, even though it is supposed to be free access! At First I thought I’m a rare and unfairly rejected applicant, but later I discovered almost no one has got visa through this process from the British embassy in Tehran. I think if The British embassy has some hidden protocols about Iranian they should be honest and declare it to not take time, money and energy from Iranians. Why they are silent about the black market of selling visa appointment in Iran?

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